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Exam Result Announcement

Welcome to the Ethiopian career opportunities website.

This site is mainly designed to provide employment information for those who may be interested and attracted to work for this growing airline in Africa.

Ethiopian has attained leadership in the African aviation and it attributes this success to its workforce. Ethiopian welcomes you yet again to join its team in achieving its vision of becoming Africa's World Class Airline.

Ethiopian has established a solid reputation for being one of the best employers in Ethiopia. At Ethiopian, you will find outstanding career opportunities as well as travel and related benefits that are more than what some well known airlines could offer. Take advantage of this prospect and the satisfaction of working from a land of 13 months of Sunshine.

Our site contains contact information for general employment enquiries as well as announcements for specific job openings which detail their related minimum qualification requirements.

Please send all enquiries to recruitment@ethiopianairlines.com unless specifically directed otherwise under each announcement.

Current Recruitment Exam Results Announcements

* Click on position titles to expand/collapse the details

Position: Trainee Cabin Crew (new)
Location: Addis Ababa
Required for: Interview

Among those candidates who have taken written exam for the position of Trainee Cabin Crew, the following candidates are requested to appear for the next assessment at 08:00Am in the Morning per the stated schedule below.

You are required to bring your ID card when you come to the assessment.

Location: Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters Aviation Academy.

Dressing: Candidates are required to wear knee high skirt, sleeveless shirt, to make up their hair properly and to wear normal size heel shoes (not plat form). Using of nail polish, any makeup including lipstick eye liner and Shuruba is not allowed.

Wednesday, September 17
1 Bezawit Admasu Messele
2 Eskedar Teshome
3 Hayat Mohammed
4 Endertawit Asfaw
5 Filagot Bekele
6 Bethel Haregewoin
7 Tigist Ketema
8 Rahel Abreha
9 Zetseat Negussie
10 Addishiwot Derese
11 Hiwot Yared
12 Mekdes Amenu
13 Hilina Belete
14 Mahlet G/Giorgis
15 Sirgut Gezahegn
16 Bezawit Girma
17 Merhawit Tafere
18 Kalkidan Daniel
19 Haimanot Sisay
20 Rute Agegnew
21 Mahlet Getachew
22 Melat Tiruneh
23 Siryet Agegnehu
24 Helen Aregawi
25 Million Gudeta
26 Rekik Yohannes
27 Yordanos Sentayehu
28 Kidist Addisu
29 Rediet Zinaye
30 Zelalem Sisay
31 Betelhem Wolde
32 Mekelt Abebe
33 Hanna Solemon
34 Christena Hailu
35 Tseganesh Ayalew
36 Etsegenet Bereta
37 Ruth Abayneh
38 Blen Solomon
39 Selamawit Seble
40 Hiyaw Birhane
41 Beakal Demlew
42 Tayeche Keni
43 Tsion Mohammed
44 Hanna Worku
45 Hamere Negash
46 Betlhem Tesfaye Mamo
47 Mehret Seifu
48 Metasebiya Mulugeta
49 Betelihem mamo
50 Tsegabirhan Getachew
51 Achamyelesh Tariku
52 Ribka Nigussie
53 Beza Kindu
54 Tsehay Amare
55 Eden Kasahun
56 Amira Mohammed
57 Tsehay Demeke
58 Meron Amanuel
59 Dina Sileshi

Thursday, September 18
60 Kidist Mersha
61 Mistir Tefera
62 Eden Tadesse
63 Tselot Mekonnen
64 Liya Yohannes
65 Meseret Kasahun
66 Eden Nadew
67 Haymanot Desalew
68 Eden Giremay
69 Jalene Bulcha
70 Samrawit Mulatu
71 Ayehubrehan Sentayehu
72 Meaza Nega
73 Furtuna Birhane
74 Dagmawit Bogale
75 Samrawit Desta
76 Elizabeth Girema
77 Tihetina Moges
78 Rediet K/Mariyam
79 Eyerusalem Misikir
80 Addishiwot Fantahun
81 Amelework Teshome
82 Gelila Sisay
83 Martha Getachew
84 Emebet Agaze
85 Hewan Kebede
86 Melat Meried
87 Betelhem Demissie
88 Selamawit Ejegu
89 Fasika Abu
90 Fasika Aschalew
91 Sosina Tadesse
92 Tsion Tekabe
93 Melat Degefa
94 Meti Lemma
95 Mahder Moges
96 Feven Mulatu
97 Ruth Mebrate
98 Tserhariam Tedla
99 Ayantu Degefe
100 Samrawit Menberu
101 Merhawit Sisay
102 Bezawit Yohannes
103 Hermela Wubeshet
104 Kidist Gizachew
105 Makda Tesfaye
106 Betlhem Tesfaye
107 Eleni Mulu
108 Nohamin Tegegn
109 Meron Mohamed
110 Hermela Mulugeta
111 Kalkidan Chane
112 Yodit Melesse
113 Ribka Samuel
114 Saba Zelalem
115 Bezawit Admassu Tadele
116 Helen Abebe Mekonnen
117 Hiwot Lijialem
118 Selamawit Ayele

For current job openings, please click on link below:

Current Job openings

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