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Frequently Asked Questions
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It is important to check your statement carefully to verify that all your Award Miles have been credited. Flights taken shortly prior to the statement date may have yet to be processed, but all other instances should be referred to the ShebaMiles Help Desk.
You are permitted one voluntary stopover enroute to your turn-around destination. For information about eligible cities, please contact the ShebaMiles Help Desk, as part of your award travel planning.
Award Miles will be automatically credited to your ShebaMiles account, provided you remember to quote your membership number when making reservations, and present your membership card when checking in.

It is important however that you retain all original boarding passes, original or copied ticket coupons and electronic ticket receipts until you have verified that the miles earned have been credited to your account. Should any discrepancy arise, you have four months from the original travel date in which to submit your claim.
Claiming awards is very easy. First, check the award charts to ascertain the number of Award Miles you need to claim free travel. Then check your latest ShebaMiles Statement to confirm that you have accumulated enough Award Miles to redeem them for free travel. If you have enough miles then you can contact the local Ethiopian offices for booking. Your booking will be handled with the customary efficiency of regular reservations. You can access the ShebaMiles pages on the website to check if you have enough miles.
Quarterly ShebaMiles statements provide a convenient record of the miles you have flown and the Award Miles you have accrued. If you have redeemed any award miles during the statement period, this will also be indicated, and your Award Miles balance as at the statement date will be shown. ShebaMiles statements are issued quarterly to all members that have taken a flight during the quarter.
The Miles that you earn in any ShebaMiles calendar year, which is from January 1st through December 31st, will remain valid for the months remaining in that year, plus the next 36 months.
Tier status is indefinite provided you travel the required minimum number of Status Miles or number of sectors every year. Silver Tier: 25,000 Base Miles or 20 sectors, Gold Tier: 50,000 Status Miles or 40 sectors. The Status Miles that are required to achieve a Tier status during the current year should have been deposited in your account during the previous 12 consecutive months that run from January to December. A single Tier status qualification is valid for 12 months beginning January 01 of any year. However, if your Status Miles are sufficient for you to achieve a new Tier during the course of the previous year, you will be upgraded immediately and enjoy the new status for the rest of that year as well as the current year.
There are three Tier levels, Blue, Silver and Gold. Blue Tier membership status is granted when you enroll in the ShebaMiles program and fly 2 sectors or 3000 status miles. You become eligible for Silver Tier membership when you accumulate 25,000 Status Miles or 20 sectors and Gold Tier membership when you accumulate 50,000 Status Miles or 40 sectors within any ShebaMiles calendar year (January 1st -December 31st).
Once your selected award travel has been ticketed, it is possible to change for a nominal administration fee. All award travel changes must be notified not later than 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled departure.
Unused portions of award travel tickets cannot be recredited to your account and have no resale value. Also, please keep in mind that ticket coupons for award flights involving connecting flights or stopovers must be used in the correct sequence.
All award travel is subject to availability at the time of booking. Availability can vary according to flight, destination, day of travel and season. Ethiopian Airlines reserves the right to impose limitations and/or embargo periods on award travel.
To preserve the security of your ShebaMiles account, both award requests and account enquires must be made by the account holder only. Awards may only be transferred to the following registered immediate family members i.e. spouse, children and parents.
Yes and No. The number on the temporary member card is only applicable until such time you receive your official ShebaMiles member card if the temporary card number is a six or seven digit number. If the number shown on your temporary card is 11 digit number then the membership number will be retained for the duration of your ShebaMiles membership.
For more information please contact, your nearest Ethiopian Airlines Office by checking on the link below:

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